Exercise Moderately Three Times Per Week Benefits to The Fetus

It is not a novelty that the practice of physical exercise of a moderate during pregnancy benefits the development of unborn baby, but increasingly there are new studies that endorse its effectiveness scientifically.

It is not true that the exercise might harm the fetus. Rather the opposite if exercise is controlled and is performed properly. Researchers from the University of Kansas City have proven the benefits that pregnant women practice exercise such as walking or cycling 3 times per week for at least 30 minutes.

They have used an instrument called fetal biomagnetometro to register the physiology of the fetus between weeks 24 and 36 of gestation. They measured the MCGS maternal and fetal, as well as the breath of the baby, body movements, hiccups and non-nutritive sucking to check the effects of the exercise carried out by her mother.

They found that babies in the Group of women who practiced exercise performed major respiratory movements, a marker of fetal well-being that reflects the functional development of the respiratory system and central nervous system control. At the same time, they provided cardiovascular benefits to the fetus.

The study, which confirms that the exercise is good for the mother and good for baby, serves as a prelude for continue investigating whether it could also improve the progression in children born to women with gestational diabetes risk.

As you can see, exercise during pregnancy provides great benefits in the development of the baby. For a healthy exercise for both, we suggest that you have in mind some important recommendations.