Different Types of Bra for Different Breast

Big, small, slightly droopy, sometimes too soft, sometimes hard fun, our breasts we are live all the colors.

Objects of desire…

The breasts are carriers of sense and necessarily femininity. Also, we easily connects to various fantasies and are objects of desire and seduction. They are part of our mating games and often they wake up sexual appetite. We’ll not hide, our breasts are a stunning erotic power. And there is no need to show them naked so that men be titillated. A plunging neckline, a tight sweater that draws our chest or a straitjacket just notched and voila that our chum watching us all differently.

The breasts would therefore be the basis for sexual pleasure… in duo. Indeed, if men plunge to salient necklines, we must admit that many women love to be stroking and nipping the breasts during intercourse. When thus stimulated, breasts become very expressive. Contract the muscles of the breasts and nipples inflate blood. They harden and stand erect. The breasts are definitely a very erogenous zone for women in addition to being an object of desire for men.

However, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, breasts change quite a bit of “vocation”. Objects of desire, they are becoming ‘tools offering food’ to the child. How do you live this change? Not a couple is of the same opinion! Sometimes, pregnancy and breastfeeding help us feel more beautiful and more women while having a positive impact on our libido. Sometimes, during this transition period where the breasts are their first utility – feed small-, the couple dodges sex games involving the chest.

Difficult? For some Yes, others what a break. Frank discussions between spouses are used to restore the situation. Sometimes, often, women, we need a time to recapture our chest. It’s not like she was.Our breasts are soft, sometimes slightly distorted! They fall… In short, we don’t find them attractive at all. Breastfeeding and physical changes in our breasts can influence our sexuality. We have to open up the discussion with our spouse in order to find a comfortable and fulfilling sexuality for both.

Your opinion!

Harvested on the Facebook page of Mamanpourlavie.com, these testimonies show us the extent of our States of mind to our breasts.

« I did have difficulty at all to switch from object of desire to ‘milk cane ‘. It is especially after it’s harder to get back to an object of desire. Especially since they’re nothing like what they were before… If you know what I mean. »

« They flee from me more than before and I don’t like it! Of all beautiful in soft… It must be said that I’ve doubled in size during pregnancy so it’s somewhat normal! Beautiful they are the same, but the curve is no longer without bra.However, I did have to make a transition in my head.Breastfeeding and sexuality, it’s different for me! »

« I don’t like them at all! Yes I know! It should be the beauty of a mother who has breastfed, but there is nothing to do… when I see them, I sigh! »

« No misery! When it’s time to breastfeed, it’s time to breastfeed! When it’s time to desire, this is the time of desire!But I don’t find really not desirable: soft and full of stretch marks. My friend, him, love them since I’m a MOM. I would like to get them redone, but it is not okay. Unless, of course, that these prevent me to be happy. »

« I’m breastfeeding now and I love it. But I find it difficult to see them as object of desire as before. I like a wall. They are different. »

« Breastfeeding for a year and my breasts are a source of comfort for baby and a food I’d say… magic! Breastfeeding made my breasts finally useful! As before, they weren’t an erogenous zone for me. Finally, it serves to something and baby to enjoy! In addition, the fact that my body produces milk makes me feel powerful and strong! »

« The breasts are not, at the base, a source of desire, they are also a necessity for our children. I think he should know the difference. »

« I find a little hard to consider them for anything other than breastfeeding. Maybe when I’m done breastfeeding, it’ll come. I don’t hold it against me. »

« Breastfeeding for 4 months and I love the experience. It’s rewarding and it gives me a very special and privileged contact with my daughter. On the other hand, although my boyfriend is pro-allaitement, he find it really difficult in a sense because I consider all my breasts as an object of desire. He loves them and it hurts, but I can’t help. It’s as if at the moment they are reserved for my daughter and I don’t really like that my boyfriend touch. I hope that it will return to normal after breastfeeding.»