Today I will talk a bit of diapers and what were my choices.
I used the Bruna, since newly born up to the 10 months, the diaper off Monica Triple protection. Don’t ask me why I made that choice because it was the model I bought on his first trip to the Pharmacy and the Bruna has adapted well, so I ended up not changing and not experiencing other.
Today I see how this diaper is bad, because it is hard and leaking a lot.
When Bruna reached 10 months I woke up soaking wet. So I went back to try out other alternatives.
Bought Pampers Supersec who surprised by be much softer than the Monica and allowed more movement. Apart from closure be far more malleable. However he squished a lot too. And you can get more from montchaninstores.com.
So I decided to use it for the day and bought Pampers Nighttime and daytime to test night. And lasted more than 12 hours without leaking. On the same occasion I bought also the Turma da Mônica Soft Touch Max to test and was even better during the night, kept to Bruna well dry and held more than Pampers, but not so soft.
Today my ecolhas were: Pampers Nighttime and daytime for the day (for being softer and can hold) and Turma da Mônica Soft Touch Max for the night.
And a good tip, if your baby uses to night a diaper model different from that day and he’s almost at the weight limit for size change, buy 1 size up because decreases even more the chance of leaking.

And you use the same template for day and night or has 2 options? which models and brands like more!?