Choosing a Diaper Bag

Since I am a new mom, using my diaper bag has been a sequel of trial-and-error. In fact, it took me a few months to master the perfect ratio of diapers / wipes / clothes in order not to drag too many items unnecessarily but without missing anything because yes, I had to put back a wet diaper because I had not taken enough diapers. And yes, I missed wipes… but that, I will not tell you how I got out! Since then, my organization has improved a lot, so here is a little flash column on my diaper bag or my guide on “how to survive on the road”:

  • I never go with my diaper bag without there being: a minimum of 3 washable diapers, 2 disposable disposable diapers (you remember the time I ran out of diapers… bin that’s it) 3 hides, 1 pair of pants, 2 pairs of stockings, massive wipes in a hermetic container, handkerchiefs, a water bottle, 2-3 toys, a t-shirt for me and a blanket.
  • Right now, I officially have two diaper bags. One of every day that also serves as a satchel, and the other is a camera backpack that serves me when I go hiking. Each of them has sides that irritate me, that’s why I have two. First of all, my daily bag is a good size and it is rigid, so I can hardly be discreet in a crowded subway or pass between tables at the restaurant without knocking anyone out because it is not Possible to fold it on itself so that it takes up less space. Moreover, because of its size, one tends to put as much as it returns, and inevitably, it becomes heavy. Also, the outer tissue attracts a lot of dust and mousses, so on black, it sounds pretty good. As for the backpack, this one is very convenient, but can contain much less.

Looking back, the criteria I would use to choose a diaper bag are:

  • Of course, it must be nice for the eyes. I do not want it to be written “Hello, I’m a diaper bag” on my diaper bag. Not because we’re mom we have to compromise on style!
  • It must have several compartments. What I like about mine are the compartments spread out on the sides or the bottom of the bag, making access to the various items easier. No more searching for hours to find what you need.
  • It must be resistant and easily washable. This bag will follow you everywhere and will sometimes be mistreated during your escapades, so it is important that the fabric is resistant. Also, in case of damage, such as a bottle-feeding bottle that sinks because it has been badly tightened, at least you can wash it easily and not feel the curd for weeks.

If I had to start again, I would choose this diaper bag from

Firstly because it is of a good size to carry enough washable diapers to last a whole day. Then, The Admiral has more than enough pockets to take all necessary. Also, Ju-Ju-Be bags are made of teflon coated fabric, which makes cleaning much easier. Eventually, no but, did you see the bag? He’s just too handsome!

And you moms, what is your most important criterion in choosing a diaper bag?