Check Out Five Tips to Avoid Sagging Breasts

The female body undergoes some changes that can change the size and shape of the breasts. Among the main factors that trigger these changes are the hormonal changes, gain and weight loss, even the premenstrual period. Oscillations in breast size cause loss of skin elasticity, lack of collagen and elastin.

The fibers that support the breasts also become more fragile, which causes the flaccidity of them. Plastic surgeries and aesthetic treatments are excellent ways to solve this problem, however it is possible to avoid sagging in the breasts with some daily care. And you can get more from

How to avoid flaccid breasts

  1. Exfoliating cream:To facilitate the absorption of hydrants to the breasts, the ideal is to use a body exfoliating cream to remove the dead skin cells, leaving it soft and moisturized;
  2. Use sunscreen:The sunscreen is important for protecting the body against ultraviolet rays. The product should be used in the breasts to prevent collagen fibers from being destroyed by ultraviolet rays, favoring flaccidity at the site;
  3. Bra Correct:The bra should be chosen according to the size of the breasts, as they should be well supported. The band that is in the thorax is responsible for the support of the breasts, so they must be adjusted in the right measure;
  4. Take care of the weight:With the gain of weight the skin stretches, being able to occur the accordion effect, fattening and slimming. With this the skin can leave the breasts flaccid and in some cases with stretch marks;
  5. Right Posture:In addition to causing back pain, poor posture can help flaccid breasts. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a good posture and avoid bending the shoulders forward.

Flaccid breasts are great enemies of feminine beauty. To avoid this problem you need to take some daily care like using bras, not gaining weight, using sunscreen and others. In addition to the above mentioned care, it is also important to have a healthy diet and practice physical activity, as they are great allies in this prevention of flaccid breasts.