Catwalks Surrender to ‘Chubby’ Models

Plus size dummies leave out prejudice and want to conquer a place in the spotlight

The universe of fashion begins to give a truce in the pattern of excessively thin girls. In January of this year, a parade in São Paulo brought together ten companies that work with clothes of larger sizes, reaching a large audience of women who do not have the rigid silhouettes of the mannequins. For this, they hired professionals of size plus size, with wide hips, thick thighs and larger waist. In March, a French fashion magazine innovated and printed on its pages the photo of a nude model with these larger molds.

As women with a silhouette similar to traditional models are a minority in the world, nothing is fairer than opening a market for others. Curitiba modeling agency bet on this universe and created a casting of women with size plus size. Last week, a parade was held to present the 12 new models that are now starting to work on photographic campaigns and the catwalk.

One of them is the massage therapist Luana Garcia, 25 years old. From childhood she wanted to act as a model. Still in pre-adolescence he took a course to enter the area. But her hips grew and she gave up. Later he made a photographic book and knew that there would be the choice of a cast of not so thin models. It was the chance he needed. ” There are beautiful girls who can do great jobs. This standard of beauty stipulated comes to bring many diseases. I suffered from bulimia for a while. Today I am very satisfied with my body. I’m called ‘grease’ and I love it, “he says.

Luana measures 1.58 meters and weighs 66 kilos. If it were to work as a model in the traditional way, it should be approximately 16 pounds less.”I do not deprive myself of eating a little chocolate or going out to dinner with friends,” he says.

The bank manager Viviane Iankauskas, 35, has two daughters and also participated in the parade. The beautiful face and hair reveal the care she has for the appearance. In her youth she also took courses, but she married early and soon the children came, so she gave up trying to pursue a career in the area. When he learned of the national team he wasted no time.” That idea is great. There are still a few stores for women who wear pants number 46, for example. It is difficult to find clothes that fit well.”
Thick thigh and broad hips are some of the characteristics of Brazilian women. When entrepreneurs decide to invest in this market, they can earn a lot of money, according to makeup artist Helena Bach, 32. “It is necessary to see the reality of the population,” reveals Helena, who did not make ugly on the runway.

Even outside the traditional standard, the plus size model should showcase naive, photogenic and have a profile of top model, not forgetting to be discreet on the catwalk. Who should appear is the clothes and not the professional.

Student Raffaela Vion Batista, 16, measures 1.89m and weighs 79kg. She was very nervous because she stepped onto the stage for the first time.”Minutes before I thought about quitting.” The vain blue-eyed blonde does not think there is a pattern of beauty. In a competition among the 12 models, she came in first. Now it intends to invest in the area, with the support of the family.

Exercises And Healthy Eating Are Essential

The market for plus size models in Brazil follows the global trend. Around 40 million women are overweight here. “They do not know where to buy clothes they wear well. If companies agree to this, they can earn a high bill, “says Casablanca director Noêmia Ribeiro.

But do not think that to be a professional the model can relax. Even though it is plus size, exercise and health care should always be present.Healthy eating and skin and hair care are almost like requirements to enter the industry.

The cache for these templates varies a lot from the work and the brand to which they will work. The value is tabulated by the category union. “If there is a parade of size plus size, they will earn the same value as the others receive,” says Edson Strafite, who also works at the agency.

Do not be surprised if more and more stars of catwalks and covers of magazines with models plus size appear. It is a bull market that also presents women of great beauty.