Birthing Plan:What It Is and How to Do?

A birth plan is the first between the recommendations of the World Health Organization (who) to improve the level of care the laboring mother. The document is very important because it registers the women’s choices about the birth of your baby.

Although it has emerged in the United States for nearly 30 years, many couples still have doubts about how to draw up the plan and what are their functions. In this post, you will find information and tips on how to produce this guide.

What’s the plan?

The document is a text in which mom and dad leave registered the choices in childbirth. Can be done in a list format or racing Charter, signed by the parents and the doctor.

Its main functions are to make the woman meet and think about each stage of delivery, make it very clear what are your preferences and avoid unanticipated difficult to solve. Is what will allow the team to easily access the mother’s wishes on that procedure.

How to make?

To elaborate the plan, first talk to your doctor about the common procedures and inform yourself so you can make your choices. Think about what you want and what you don’t want right now and then, make a list.

First issues of labor. You want the presence of a chaperone? Who will be? Want the scraping of pubic hair? How? Think also on your move while waiting the birth and on the use of oxytocin and saline.

About the time of delivery, it is interesting to list their choices about the desired position, possible cuts on vagina, artificial rupture of the purse and if the baby will be placed in contact with you immediately or not. Specify also decisions about a possible c-section.

Finally, list the details of the postpartum care and with the baby: expulsion of the placenta, breastfeeding, where would you rather your child stay most of the time etc. The items that should be on the list will be identified over the months, as the expectant mother talk with the doctor.

When do and deliver?

Questions can be made to a specialist from the first query. During the first few months, the mother can go accumulating all the information possible on the subject. From the sixth or seventh month, the document can begin to be written.

Show the birth plan to the doctor as soon as you fill out most of the content and talk to him about the possibilities. Leave to deliver a signed copy to him and to the hospital only when delivery is near, because changes may occur.

The document makes it easier for the mother’s choices are accessible, but remember that this is not a list of orders, but rather a starting point. Is a pregnant law specify your preferences. If the institution does not accept receiving the delivery plan, the woman may resort to Justice to ensure this right.

Already has some experience with the birth plan? Still have questions about how to do it? Share your questions with us in the comments.