Belly Kit for Pregnancy

So nice to see these wonderful gravidinhas using our brand and see what the people believe.

Belly Kit for Pregnancy

The presenter and model Karina Bacchi has a stuffed urges followers and used to share your life.

Now pregnant, she has shown how your routine is already changing, body and soul too (here for us guys, it’s only getting more beautiful).

She posted this week a video of it using our SOS Kit Belly and also as I can’t live without!(CUTE)

The SOS Kit Belly really saves saw? Because he’s perfect for that moment when the belly begins to grow but the pants still fit at the hip!

It comes with an Extender of trousers and three abdominal bands (white, black and Navy) to match all or any stretch blouse that shortened after the tummy has grown.

Just attach one end of the extender to maternity pants and the other end in place of the button (there is a video in Bridgat that you can see straight).

All pregnant loses clothes, there’s no way, but we help you lose less clothes! (EH? hehe.)

The Extender has eight adjustment positions and two sizes: S/M and L/XL.

Can’t stop talking about that long-dreamed pregnancy came from an in vitro fertilization and a choice: independent production (it’s a lot of power, eh nom?).

She announced your pregnancy on instagram and wrote “Hello, my dear, it is with great joy that I come to share with you this victory! I feel blessed and very happy waiting for my little angel. So much has happened the past year here: surgery of the fallopian tubes, months of reflection, prayer, separation, treatment for fertilization, important decisions to be taken with responsibility and feet on the floor, and finally the long-awaited News: Yes, very pregnant by”.