Beautiful Summer Outfit

After much black I again today what very colorful for you – one of the most beautiful summer dresses at all! That I get into raptures with African prints, I told you already at → this skirt here. This is the second part from the SALE of Dearcurves (and unfortunately the dress is sold out, I had to catch the last), which took even a small beauty-OP (size 18 was unfortunately loooot too big for me in the chest area, but thanks to the sewing arts of my Mama’s fit now significantly better, even if size 16 would have sat generally still somewhat better). Yesterday it was also wonderfully sunny here in Hamburg before it neatly poured in the night, so we could make some nice pictures. Thus, my first trip to the African fashion is first done, but I’m sure that I will find some great stuff at Dearcurves (was on August 8th and 9th African fashion week in London and there I saw some very nice stuff thanks to Instagram !). In this dress I felt anyway, like an African Princess – actually only as a stylish bound turban does not exist (and I would wear one really likes!).

After a lot of black, I’ve got something very colorful for you – probably one of the most beautiful summer dresses ever! I already told you about my crush on African prints when I showed you → this skirt. This dress is the second piece of my shopping spree at Dearcurves’ SALE (and unfortunately, it’s sold out – I got the last one) and it needed a little “cosmetic surgery” (size 18 was way too large on my bust, but thanks to my mother’s sewing skills it fits better now, even though size 16 would have been perfect).  And you can get more from Yesterday was a sunny day here in Hamburg, so we could take some nice pictures – and that’s how my first trip to African fashion ends now, but I’m sure I’ll find many more nice pieces at Dearcurves (the African Fashion Week took place in London some days ago and I’ve already seen some gorgeous stuff thanks to Instagram!). Anyways, I totally felt like an African princess in this dress – the only thing that’s missing is one of those fancy wrap turbans (and I’d really love to wear one some day!).