Beachwear Offers Models for All Body Types

Crochet, prints and strategic cutouts: beautiful models of bikinis and bathing suits are not lacking when it comes to beachwear .But when it comes to choosing the ideal piece to ruin on the beach you also need to consider which one best fits your body shape.Making a good choice can value – and a lot – your body structure.

Knowing your curves is the first step in defining the ideal bikini or swimsuit.Do you need to know what the purpose is:disguise the belly or the side fat?Give that up on the butt?Disguise thick legs?Raise small legs?There are ideal versions available to meet all these demands.

Tips for Choosing Bathing Suit

If you have no idea how to choose a piece that values your silhouette , see below some guidelines and you can also get more from

  • Disguise the belly

If you can not get rid of that fat located in the belly, the tip is to opt for bikinis with the wider sides on the bottom.Make no mistake: the swimsuit is not always the ideal piece to disguise the bundle.On the contrary: by being glued to the body, it may end up stressing this aspect even more.

  • Attenuate side fat

If what bothers you are those “toupees” in the hips, the tip is also to choose a piece with wider sides. It is very important to get a version of your size , because very tight bikinis will highlight even more aesthetically uncomfortable fats.

  • Decrease back

If your back is a problem for you, be aware that choosing the right bikini also makes all the difference in that regard. The tip is to avoid the model curtain and give preference to the pieces with more straight cuts or it will take that falls.

  • Minimize large hips

To give that basic disguise in hip size, one option is to bet on panties with curved lines and less rectilinear.Colors also have a relevant influence in this scenario: small prints in dark tones are ideal.

  • Reduce thigh thickness

If your goal is to look thinner legs, the orientation is to bet on the panties of more bikinis.They give the impression of less round thighs , so choose models with thin sides.

Beachwear: how to value your attributes?

Suggestions for rattling bathing suits do not stop there.Here are tips to further enhance your attributes:

  • Giving up on the butt

Currently there are already models of bikinis specially made to value what Brazilians have the best: the butt. The low-cut, thong-style bottoms are ideal.Elastic pieces on the buttocks also come with this purpose.Avoid the American model or dental floss.

  • Increase breasts

To give that extra voluptuousness to the breasts, use and abuse bikinis with bumps, frills, embroidery and applications.Everything that gives more volume to this region helps to valorize the production.

  • Stretch the legs

If you want to look like longer, model-worthy legs, use and abuse the bowed bikini .It ensures the impression of a stretched outline.