Be a Dad: Your Pregnant Wife Will Not Be as You Imagine

I rebobino a little on the subject of being Pope (I was already talking about babies and now back to the pregnancy) to enter this topic that I find interesting for dads, so they are making to the idea that his pregnant wife will not be like the picture.

It is clear that the ideal of beauty that we sell is a tall, thin, young, woman without wrinkles, with a shiny, silky hair and blowing in the wind, with a look that shows to be a woman from head to head with things well clear and ideas on your website.

This is already accepted as part of our society. The problem is that this ideal extends to the world of pregnant women, with images of breasts so fashion like this (which I doubt to be pregnant), with a few more thin ankles and heels of vertigo, and fathers and mothers end up believing that pregnancy is as great as the girl in the photo.

The reality is that many women suffer from various symptoms by staying pregnant, such as changes of mood, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, fatigue and sleep, change of taste and smell which makes many foods can cause more nausea, increase in the frequency of visits to the toilet, etc..

In a nutshell, as the husband of a woman who spent four months of his second pregnancy Dizzy is day Yes and day also, I feel that such images seek to show a reality that does not exist and encourages women to believe that they have to be so (precious) throughout the day, with your life and your home in order and ignoring the messages coming from your body.

Rebound men to just believe (ya, I confess, are not very clever …) that it is normal that our women are so well, with the only difference of the belly that grows.

Sorry, dear Dad or future Pope, likely is to be wrong, uncombed, deranged, dizzy and not wanting to do things in the House or go to dinner at those friends who you have invited.

And what seems so negative is in fact a recommendation for all future dads: if it is thus, allowed not to do anything, that is not fixed and is ugly (but don’t tell).

What’s more, convince him to listen to your body and connect with their needs. If you are dizzy, your body is telling you to stop, if you are tired, or sleepy, your body is asking him to sleep, if now you can not smell according to which food your body is telling you that you should not eat.

To my knowledge, no symptoms of pregnancy tells a woman that should go with high heels, the latest fashion and freshly combed the hair salon (although if you want to do it, Pope, not deny it is).