Baby on Tour

So a little baby and soooo many things it needs.

We were in various specialist shops and have looked at the products and let us advise. I must confess, without expert advice, we would not have gotten far. We had no idea what Isofix is ​​and what we should look for in a Autoschale or a baby carriage. Thanks to the consultation we got a feeling for what is the right way for us.

1. Stroller / Abc Design Turbo 6s

The choice of a baby carriage was very easy for us. Here at topschoolsoflaw you can get more different models of the maternity items. We heard from some of our acquaintances that most people only use the truck for one year. Mostly because of the size. A buggy is more practical for a child who can already sit. It folds easily, does not weigh so much and is quickly stowed in the car.
Alex and I agreed that we should look at the price when choosing a combi-trailer!

The price in this case was not decisive. I saw the stroller in the specialty shop and he spoke to me visually. I pushed him back and forth for five minutes and was convinced.Thanks to the double wheels in the front, it is super easy to steer and also the good suspension speaks for the baby carriage. We built it completely apart and back together. Failed problem-free. Seen, bought. However, we bought it online. We wanted to go back home to read reviews on the baby carriage and also these convinced us ultimately.

Costs -> 330 €.

2, 4, 5. Child Car Accessories

Since our son is a winter baby, I bought a lambskin and a hand warmers . The rain shelter we can, I think, make good use of every season in Germany.

Costs -> 63 €.

6, 7, 8. Baby Bowl Cybex Aton Q 2015

When selecting a suitable baby bowl I was absolutely overwhelmed. There is a lot of choice, many reviews, and many advantages and disadvantages that need to be compared.

In the first step I thought of a baby bowl classic with a shell of the brand MaxiCosi. The most famous seat in the middle price segment “Pebble”. Quickly I came back from this thought. Because there are different Isofix stations. If we had decided for Pebble, we would have already decided about child seat size 2, because not every seat fits on each bowl. In the second child’s home the children sit about 1 year – 4 years. At the new station to the Pebble the children would sit backwards in the seat. In addition, the seats in the Crashtest trim well, but there are cheaper alternatives, which are better and leave more flexibility.

Alex was so fond of this subject. He compared numerous brands and models and read countless reviews. Our choice fell on the current test winner! Not only in terms of safety, but also in terms of pollution. Stiftung Warentest says 1.6, in the test were 21 seats. The ADAC says 1.6, in the test were 28 seats. For testing.

We bought the seat of Cybex. Aton Q 2015 . We bought the Isofix Station Base 2 fixfrom Cybex, which we will install firmly in Alex’s car. In my car (ride to the shopping or doctor, mainly short city trips) I will seat the seat. We showed that.

Practically, we have read that we can also attach this seat to our stroller. For this weordered an adapter . I think it is very handy if the child falls asleep during the car drive.We do not have to take him out of the car to put him in the car, but take the whole bowl and fix it on the car rack.

Cost -> 320 €.

3. Carriage Bag Odenwälder Mucki

We have received this car bag from a saleswoman. You can thread the straps of the baby carrier or stroller. Practically this is especially for car trips. You can then open the sack, so that the baby does not sweat without having to take it off.

We received it from my work colleagues (costs about 70 €), which I will not list.

Overall, we paid 713 €.

Car trips and long walks is now nothing more in the way.