Baby Carriage Rides in Orlando

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Baby carriage rents (or older child) in Orlando for me was only option in the parks. He had already gone twice, but he had never considered renting through a specialized company! As much as I had seen carts with signs of these companies there, I did not think it could be a good deal. I figured it was expensive or that shopping was better. The third time we took Leo there (he was 5!), We discovered this marvel … Yes, wonderful!

If you intend to travel to Orlando with a small child, do not hesitate: you will need a cart . Even if your son or daughter is already five or six, trust, the child will use the cart in at least 60% of the time. Because the rides are long and tiring! No matter how much she is willing, she is accustomed to walking, and she does not like sitting very much, opting for the stroller is to opt for the comfort of the little ones and for their tranquility! They can sit when they are tired, sleep, escape from the sun in the hottest hours, and you can use this tactic and when you need to accelerate the pace, or when you are in a crowded place and complicated to go hand in hand. In the outlets, it’s even more useful!

But as the child grows older, it becomes difficult to find one that is ideal and meets her needs – it will be bigger and heavier! With 4 or 5 years, it is impossible to find a shopping cart that is ideal for the size of the child and still cost little (the best advantage to buy there!). Renting in the parks is expensive, the stroller is uncomfortable (despite holding up larger children) and has the biggest disadvantage; The rented cart there does not go with you out of the park. That is, in shopping and even on the way from the exit of the parks to the car (or the point where we pick up the specific transport), the child will walk. Already with the cart rented out, it goes with you at the time of greatest fatigue of the child …

So I decided that this time, we would rather rent out of the parks. I discovered four companies that offer this service in Orlando, and I decided to opt for the one that found more and better recommendations, Kingdom Strollers .

I entered the site, I fucked, I chose the right model and that’s it.Or almost.In my case, we chatted by email and entered into a partnership, where I had the chance to have the complimentary rental to write about the blog experience!And here it goes …

For starters, I loved the ease with which we choose the model .Right in the home of the site, you have all of them and still the values ​​by period.The model I chose (below), the values ​​were in April / 2014: 1 to 3 nights = 45 dollars / 4 to 7 nights = 65 dollars / 8 to 10 nights = 85 dollars / 11 to 14 nights = 105 dollars.I found it great value for money!

I opted for the City Mini GT Single because it can withstand children up to 23 pounds! It reclines, has adjustment on the bar where we hold to push (higher or lower), cup holder, basket to carry junk, and I found it extremely comfortable. And is! The footrest, for example, is ideal for older children. Look at Léo sleeping, in one of those moments of pure fatigue at the exit of the park!

I found it very cool also the way the cart closes ( quick fold system); Just pull a handle on the seat and that’s it! Only I did not take a photo of it closed … It gets a little big compared to the simpler ones (umbrella), but it’s not that heavy. And from my experience, there’s no way I can offer this level of comfort (and for older kids) with a smaller stroller. Anyway, there are several photos of this model on the site of the brand of the cart ( Baby Jogger ), and in Portuguese, for those who want to take a spy. And here are the photos of how the cart arrives for you there!

I found these stickers in the name of who you are renting , one at the handle bar and one larger at the bottom glued to the basket. This makes it much easier to find the stroller in the crowded lot of an attraction (in the middle of that lot of other good looking ones!). Another key detail: the thermal bag and the raincoat !

These items are optional (you choose whether or not you want), but free !!!The thermal bag is a perfect size and has a strap to hold where it is best (we sometimes hung on the side of the cart to save space in the basket below).The raincoat is awesome too!She covers the whole cart!We used it three times!

If you wanted, you could also order a bottle of water, but this is paid for (9 dollars). A paid option is also the insurance that covers the costs in case of damage to the cart .It’s only $ 25 (for the entire rental period) and I think it’s worth it to stay cool!

But how do you pick up and return the rented cart? Here comes the best part! You make the request via the web, it tells you which hotel will be hosted (with dates and other details) and the company leaves the cart there for you !!! Usually, it is in the room or in the place of storing suitcases (at the front desk), as it was in our case! To return it, it’s the same thing. You leave it at the front desk that the hotel (with the thermal bag and the raincoat if you have rented with these options) and he takes care of saving until the staff at the Kingdom Strollers go withdraw! Very practical, easy, safe. Oh, and if you change your hotel on the trip, just tell us what the delivery will be and what the withdrawal will be. Also, for those who stay at home, just schedule a time and be there to receive!

I definitely found the option of renting with an ideal specialized company .I have nothing to complain about!I was super well attended and loved the chosen cart!Of all the alternatives about strollers in Orlando, this was the one that answered us best!

I also wrote about my two previous experiences – renting in the parks and buying , and I recommend you read to draw your own conclusions.

And anyone who wants tips from other companies or check the opinion of another blogger, I indicate the post of Vamos Aonde!

* To Kingdom Strollers, my thanks for courtesy!

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