Baby bottles

One of the items that most people ask me to indicate the purchase of layette is the bottle. I don’t have as much experience as well in that area, because until 6 months to Bruna only breastfed in the chest. But not long ago I just testing some models and I’m going to tell you.

As there was no bottle purchased in assembling the outfit because I was told that nothing good would buy a particular model because your baby might not like it, ask for indication of any good brand of bottle to have at home so to Bruna was born. I wanted a model that the baby does not estranhasse both the spout and also had anti-colic system and anti reflux. Indicated by a nurse nursing technique was the Dr Browns. I confess that as at the time I didn’t have a lot of references, I bought this and I left in store for the day would need to use. And you can get more from Montchaninstores.

Once I stopped breastfeeding and passed the bottle to Bruna took this template right away, so for me it was great. I bought 3 more of each size for milk, juice, water and tea and so I turned up to 1 year of it.

But tired of the logistics of the Dr Browns bottle, which has more pieces than others and parts difficult to clean and sterilize, switched by the Ultivent of the Mam (trying to keep the system that eliminates air) but to Bruna didn’t like the beak as it is very different. I indicated then the Avent, that has the spout. Bruna loved it, took time and not surprised.

All the models above are great and have the anti-colic system and by eliminating the air for backflow prevention parts. The Avent by a acoplaco ring to the spout, the Dr Browns by “tube” inside and Mam.

Dr Browns and Avent has the nozzle very similar between them, and the closest model the shape of the breast. Mam has the most hygienic system for cleaning because as the lid and the bottom come out, run less risk of accumulating dirt and moisture.

So today if I could go back, I would have bought the Avent bottles only.

The hint!!!