Annette Kellermans Swimsuits

Did you imagine swimming, surfing or even enjoying a beach with your friends dressed like this like the picture below?Of course not?But that was exactly how women went to the beach in the 20th century.

Since, at that time, having tanned skin was owned by those who worked in the field, the socially superior “galerinha” abused in cloths, using combinations of trousers and bulky dresses.

Besides the lack of style, the weight of the dresses caused a certain discomfort in the hour of the practice of the sport.And, it was thinking of this annoyance, that professional swimmer Annette Kellerman developed the one-piece swimsuit – the famous “Annette Kellermans Swimsuits.” And you can get more from

Revolutionary idea that generated the biggest scandal at the time.Annette was even arrested for indecent assault after posing wearing one of her creations.This is because, in 1907, women who left with more body than usual were accused of indecency.

Luckily, all this controversy has made the single piece swimsuit gain popularity, resulting in the first line of women’s swimwear. A landmark in the history of fashion and the first step to the modernity and irreverence of bathing suits that would follow.

If today we use and abuse a vast beach fashion, with models of swimsuits and bikinis that even God doubts, we owe this to the wonderful initiative that Annette Kellerman had to fight for our rights.