Acid Folic Reduces The Defective Cardiac Congenital in Baby

We have said on numerous occasions the importance of taking folic acid during pregnancy. It is a type of B vitamin essential for the prevention of birth defects.

Is present in certain foods, although doctors often recommend taking a daily dose of folic acid during pregnancy, and even from one month before getting pregnant to ensure that vitamin is present in the organism during the early stages of pregnancy when the neural tube of the fetus is formed.

But in addition to help reduce birth defects of NTDS as spina bifida and anencephaly, a Canadian study has proved that folic acid is also beneficial to prevent congenital heart defects.

More than ten years ago came into force in Canada the obligation to add folic acid to the pasta, flour and other grain products. According to monitoring carried out by researchers at McGill University in Montreal over the years, the heart defects were reduced by 6% each year after the mandatory fortification.

The United States was also implemented the same measure in 1996 which is enriched with folic acid to breads, cereals, flours, flours, pasta, rice and other grain products falling by 26% the births of children with congenital malformations.

It is a relevant research for countries that are considering implementing the same measure of compulsory enrichment of grain with folic acid products.

Meanwhile, it is essential for women who are looking for a pregnancy to become aware of the importance of taking folic acid as prevention as new investigations are running to not only reduce neural tube, but also cardiac defects.