A Silent Box for Big Brothers and Sisters

Have you ever heard of the silent box for siblings? You should consider whether you should surprise the big sibling so? Or you’ve never heard of a silent box?

A silent box is a box of employment. Similarly, she could be used as restaurant box or phone box.

While the restaurant well spontaneously a small case Pack can and a phone call can be scheduled or postponed, it is a bit different with the breastfeeding.

Why You Should Grab A Still Box?

If a child the first time witnessed the birth of a Geschwisterchens, this is an exciting and life-changing situation.Suddenly, it is not “small” rather than “large” and should take 24/7 account.

Just breastfeeding cause like conflict situations, when the attention is just full with the baby.

The firstborn opposite therefore a silent box is a nice gesture.

So you – can provide limited – a beautiful, new and so exciting employment on the time of a quiet meal for your child. Discovering and trying out just of new things, even small children can take it easy and be focused.

Ideal for the first few weeks, if you still practice breastfeeding with your new baby.

What Exactly Is A Silent Box?

A silent box can be a plastic or wooden box. Or a discarded shoe box, you can coat with some wrapping paper.

Also a mysterious bag can be suitable.

What Should Be Purely In The Quiet Box?

In this box you collect books and quiet games that bring joy to your child.

It is important that you think about when determining whether the selected toys of the time could bother you.

Watch on

Scatter factor around small parts-depending on age

Reusability-some toys can be used only once

You want to create interest-something special

The age, the level of development and interests should take the greatest influence on the choice of parts.

Something New For The Silent Box

New toys are packed and exciting for many children.

At the same time, they of course cost money. And again take place.

Some Used For The Quiet Box.

Used toys are mean great get, because the children not especially long to play.

So, great things that are cheap and at the same time “new” can be found.

Something Old For The Quiet Box.

Toys get more meaning if they were cleared away a while. How intense the children once again engage in a game, is completely different.

Therefore it is worth to make in the nursery “Clearcut” in pregnancy and reduce the toys on a good measure.

Advantage: less that must be cleaned up and toys that take away later no additional space.

Are disused toys in any case, they can in age cases for your new baby walk or improve the budget for new toys for the quiet box on the flea market

Some Non-Material For The Silent Box

You can print stories or dream trips and bind it to a role. Maybe there are also game ideas lots, which may be drawn from, if your child loves the surprise.

Of course, a dream trip also completely free can be narrated.

Kunterbunt Exactly According To Your Needs

Do you prefer something where your “big kid” with itself can descend while breastfeeding? Or where you connect quality time with breastfeeding?

Do you want jobs, which is “in sight” very quiet or their volume?

Sortier’ because peace of mind no uses if you’re then bugging

How Can You Take Advantage Of The Quiet Box?

Depending on the age and rule understanding your child, the quiet box can be subject to also appropriate targets.

For example it is brought out only, when you sit down to breastfeed. Then you can set them next to you before the quiet meal.

The Pack away at the end of the quiet meal is as important as potential of conflict. It’s good when it comes to good agreements.

For example 1 toy will keep even further? Then it may be that that first again back must be in the box, before it is used again.

For older children, it may be also an exciting task which they figure with friends and want to solve.

There are no limits to your ideas.

What Is, If You Would Like To Put A Silent Box, But Just Can’t Make It Out To?

Is the birth in a few days? Must you lie much? Are you just simply clueless?

What If The Birth Shortly Before Is?

Especially when you’re busy anyway with the nest, here and there shopping missions are planned. Perfect to meet the one or the other Wünschlein in secret.

Isn’t it friends after shopping? Maybe your husband can let off steam then.

Or use the great opportunities that are available online.

What Is If You Anyway So Much Stuff?

Then is worth sorting out. Small toys are missing not so quickly and can find temporary accommodation in an inconspicuous cardboard in the cellar.

What Is When The Cashier Is Just Not So Richly Filled?

Sales of toy ausgedientem allows the purchase of new favorite things.

For us, it was born as a child and give to sort out our toys 1 x per year and to invest in new things. With bigger children a fun way: Meanwhile hold together shortly before the birth of online shopping and the Pack.

What Is If The Silent Box Is Used After Very Different?

Yes mei. Honestly? Then that’s just the way.

There are so many beautiful ways to fashion the breastfeeding.

I know, as a MOM told me that the note should they also at the bottom of quiet a relief was still sitting.

As always. Do nice & easy it you and your loved ones

A Silent Box As Appreciation For Siblings

When I was working in the clinic, I saw her big sibling “from the gut” a “gift brought with them” many times, as the new baby.

But with siblings children compete Yes not for the appreciation of each other, but above all for now to your attention and appreciation.

The need to be loved also continue to be important and to play a role is huge.

You can bring that expressing such a silent box.

There will be enough situations and conflicts, where that is not so easy. Where you are stressed or overwhelmed.

That’s why at this point again: it makes you as possible so simple & beautiful.

And now I’m interested in burning: how old is your child or your children will be the birth of the baby is?

Write me in the comments, also with the interests of your little treasure-maybe we meet a few great ideas what should take place in such an age-appropriate silent box for the sibling.