A Nice Surprise

Yesterday, Alex and I had our first wedding anniversary. This is not the surprise. The day and how we spent it was a big surprise for me.

In the morning, after Oliver woke us up and I nursed him, I did not even think it was my first wedding day. Our mornings run off in a certain routine. But then suddenly something was different than usual. Instead of having breakfast his breakfast while I was getting ready in the bathroom, he came back to me and Oliver to bed. He congratulated me and told me that he will not go to work today. He took a day off!

On Sunday I joked about it and said it would be sooo great if he would not work on Monday. I should have noticed his reaction to this sentence, because Alex can not hide anything from me.

All the more I was surprised that he actually had vacation.

The day was so perfect for us!

We spent every minute together and remembered the beginning of our relationship 7 years ago. We talked about our wedding, about the pregnancy and about all the good things we have experienced together and through together.

A wonderful day with my wonderful family and a wonderful man I have been allowed to call my husband for a year !
Thank you for always surprises me and makes me smile every day.
Thank you for always standing by me and being there for me.
Thank you for making me a mummy.
Thank you for being such a wonderful husband and father.
Thank you for existing!