9 Exercises For Pregnant Women

You are pregnant and you want to practice swimming but you don’t know what to do exactly? I suggest 9 simple exercises with which you will feel better after your session in the pool.

9 Exercises For Pregnant Women

Hello everyone!

Today’s article is intended for all pre-mamas. After conducting an extensive review of the literature, we can say that both swimming and water aerobics are highly recommended activities during pregnancy. We find benefits with respect to other activities such as more free movement or the temperature of the water, which will help the relaxation of the mother.

You’ve already read about swimming for pregnant women in our health category but now I propose you different specific exercises that you can perform with and without material, to work the upper and lower train:

Start warming up, performing movements along the pool. If it is deep, we help with a churro and perform movements mounted on it as if we were “mounted on a bike”

Work of arms:

We continue with the churro, this time we assemble moving arms simultaneously to front a long and back another long, this way will be working the arms and chest.

In the following exercise, we will carry out the movement with arms outstretched, to work the chest and shoulders.

Shoulder strengthening, making strokes at the height of the hip.

Double back where we can work the shoulders and back muscles.

Opening and closing legs, we will carry out a work of abductors.

Legs of water polo, this exercise will be working the lower kinetic chain.

Breaststroke legs, grasping the churro, will make a work glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps.

Breaststroke legs.

Back legs.

Don’t forget to perform a good warm-up prior to the meeting of water and hydrate yourself during the whole session!

How about doing exercise while listening to music? Here are the songs prepared for you when you are pregnant: http://www.songaah.com/lyrics/pregnant.html.