8 Tips on Simple Games for Baby Shower

The Baby Shower Can Be More Fun If You Have Games That Involve All The Guests.

guests bebêO tea baby shower is a fun party and well relaxed, usually organized by pregnant women in partnership with a friend, your mother, sister or mother-in-law, and which brings together friends and family in a big party, that has as main objective to purchase diapers, clothes and very important and useful items to be used when the baby is born.

The baby shower is held a few weeks before the birth of the baby, and can be done only between women, or you can meet couples, or even having the participation of adults and children, depending on the style in which the baby shower is organized.

The most fun at the party of baby shower are the games, which are held in a veryentertaining guests, and leave wonderful memories in the life of the mother-to-beand the couple.

8 games to do during the baby shower

And during the baby shower, many jokes can be made, and can be made not only for adults but also for children, according to the Organization of the baby shower.Therefore, separate below some of the most common games baby shower:

hide the pacifier

  1. Hidethe pacifier or Soother in the baby’s mouth put: pregnant women or those who are helping her to organize the baby shower can hide a pacifier somewhere for the party, and all y’all will find, who find wins a toast of the party; or put a figure of baby frame, sealing the eyes of pregnant woman and make her place the soother in the baby’s mouth.

baby shower prank

  1. Drinkingjuice in the bottle: a joke to entertain the whole crowd of party, and consists of filling the bottle with juice, soda or even beer, according to who are attending the baby shower, and let the guests drinking to see who can do everything faster. And the winner is entitled to a toast;

1 shower prank

  1. Eatporridge: A cool joke to do with couples baby shower guests. The joke hereis that the man gives the woman formula, and vice versa, and wins the couple whocan eat more quickly;

pregnant belly size

  1. Size of thebelly of the mother-to-be: This joke the organizer of baby shower going on a roll of string between the participants, and each one cuts a piece, according to think it’s the size of the belly of pregnant. And win if you get it right, or at least get closer to the size, without exaggeration;

baby shower Word banned

  1. Don’t saya word prohibited: This joke each baby shower guest receives a Ribbon to tie on his arm, and by the time they start playing the pregnant woman chooses a word that cannot be said for a while, like a baby or mom. Anyone who says the word has to give your tape to another person, and will win the one with the most ribbons on his arm;

baby shower diaper change

  1. Changethe baby’s diaper: a joke in which each participant has to show their skills by changing the diaper of a doll. It’s nice to be done with the husbands and boyfriends of the participants, but can be done by all;

baby shower prank

  1. Hot Potato:This joke somebody picks up a pampers and decorate very funny, the wrap and put in a box. Hence the box from hands in hands while a song plays,until it stops up. After several rounds who has been more often with the box will be required to use up the rest of the party.

The Funniest Joke Of The Baby Shower

And the funniest joke gets to the end of the baby shower, and can be made among all the guests. This game is of the riddle of the present, where the pregnant woman take this one and have to guess what’s inside the box.


Each time she guess, who gave the gift have to pay a penalty, but if she makes mistakes, she or your husband get a fitting punishment. And here are several ideas, how to paint the face with lipstick, use up, eat oatmeal, among others.

Here the trick is that the pregnant woman and your partner should use lighter clothing which may be soiled, because it really will be. After the games it is important to have a change of clothes for the couple to participate the celebration with all thebaby shower guests.

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