5 Shoes that Every Woman Should Have

With programs like Sex and the City inspiring us, it’s no surprise why women tend to get more pairs of shoes than they really need.  It can be up to the same style of shoes in different colors, one to match a clothing for a special occasion … we know how the business works. But are all these shoes essential? Certainly not.

For those who seek to dry the shoe a little, it is possible to be always fashionable with fewer pairs of shoes. Each woman should possess five styles of basic footwear that can be combined with any clothing and event, day and night.

Ballet shoes

Essential for everyday life. Sneakers are sophisticated, can be combined with jeans or leggings and are very versatile. Sneakers in vibrant colors add a dash of youth in casual clothing. They also make a clothing look more sophisticated and at the same time comfortable.

Knee boots

Boots are a must for fall and winter. They are chic and comfortable and great for the cooler days when it takes a lot of walking.


The favorite for the parties. Every woman needs a pair of heels in her shoe closet. Black, nude, shiny, brand-name does not matter. Heel makes any outfit look sexy and sophisticated and can be easily combined with any outfit for a night of dancing or dinner with friends.


The subliminal way for people to know that you attend the gym. Tennis can also be paired with jeans when you are on the move and you will feel more comfortable without worrying about the wear of the shoe and your feet.


A must-have of summer. Whether you are wearing jeans, shorts or a skirt, sandals are the best alternative to add a summer feel. They are perfect for beach walks, especially when you feel the desire to dive: you will not have to spend minutes trying to take off your shoes. If you feel like getting dressed better at night, choose a pair of sandals and you’re ready for the summer!