5 Care When Choosing Your Baby’s Name

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It is always like this: when the mother gives the news of pregnancy, soon there comes a flood of guesses.And of course, that to choose the baby’s name could not be different.

In the opinion of family members, surnames should be taken into account;in some cases, the grandparents also suggest the option for biblical names.Not to mention the tips of friends and the influence of TV…

Recommendations are welcome, provided with the consent to avoid annoyances, as we have already posted here on the blog .Regardless, it is important that parents consider some points.

1- Meaning of the name

This is the main one to be taken into account, although many mothers (in most cases the choice is theirs) are already aware of what name they will give to the heirs.With the guessers, it is good to be prepared for questioning about the meaning.

2- Undesirable nicknames and cacófatos

Bullying is there and has made more and more victims, especially at school.So, think about this issue when naming your child, as malicious nicknames may arise.When in doubt, think about possible variations to avoid future constraints.

3- Writing and pronunciation

Very complicated names of writing or speaking can also generate headaches in the future.Imagine your child having to spell every time they need to do some registration or registration.

4 – Too Common

If there is any sin in choosing a very popular name? The answer is no”. Then you read this suggestion and think, “It’s eight or eighty; they do not advise difficult name, but also do not suggest the name easy!”. Hahaha … It is worth remembering that here we are describing the pros and cons, and this case should be well thought out for those who love an exclusivity.

5- Names of fashion

It is also common for parents to search the internet for the names of the moment.However, if you are a fan of trend, know that this same name may not be on the rise for ten years, for example.

With these tips, you can better evaluate the choice with your partner.And to find out which names have been registered the most in recent years, check the chart below according to data from the Baby Center portal.