3° International Seminar on Mothers,Come on?

When we become mothers, doubt whether we are on the right track is almost constant. We seek in books with friends and social networks all a teaching, which in practice can be quite different. When I was in College, in addition to the research in the University Library in books, also participated in many congresses and seminars. This year, in addition to all the professional meetings in the area of nutrition that will participate, will have a very special, the 3rd international seminar on Mothers.

“Our concern has always been invite mom to rethink her life – and find the path to this through lectures with experts of first line of Brazil and the world. Since the first edition, the seminar of mothers is a transformative event,once talked about how motherhood changes us”,explains Ana Paula Menegatti Lara,which is organizing the event alongside Flavia sources. And you can get more from Iitypeusa.

And I was so, but so happy that this year will happen here in Sao Paulo, so, I have no excuses not to go and find a lot of moms to swap cards and spend moments of pure learning and reflection.

The speakers that will be present in the 3rd international seminar on Mothers are amazing and the themes that will present. Themes involving creation, love, how should we understand the little people lest we will come the wild and our lives become a perfect chaos.

Who follows me knows how my life is race, already lashed out several times and I’m always in search of the best possible way to maternar and take the day to day with more lightness. After all, we adults, we’re responsible in maintaining the balance of the relationship between parents and children. They are developing, children cannot understand the stress of the corporate world, the traffic of our marital quarrels, for example. It is up to us, adults and responsible for them in trying to find the best way to survive motherhood.

The 3rd international seminar on Mothers will happen on the day may 06, 8:00 at 6:00 pm in the Hotel Maksoud, in São Paulo. I and all TopMothers team, in addition to other bloggers and maternal many mothers and fathers, we will be present to Exchange cards. Come on you too???

Readers and followers of the blog has 20% discount, check out good stuff, people! I want to see them there and of course, meet them too, huh? So, let’s join and come talk to me, okay? To buy your ticket, click HERE and to have the discount, simply put the code:maternidadecolorida20 at the time of purchase (here:Apply promo code )!

I am sure that this meeting is going to be awesome! All event organisers are doing everything with a lot of affection for us, mothers and fathers.

I hope you guys!Kisses.