26 Tips to Save When You Have Kids

With a little organization, willingness to change and creativity you can reduce monthly spending

It’s not easy to make the money to last until the end of the month with all unforeseen issues that always appear when there are children in the family. But it is possible to win this challenge. Check out the guide prepared with important tips you get organized and save.

1) make a financial diary
The first step is to identify where you spend the most. Write down how much money, debts and the amount that you want to save (if that is the goal). Be sure to take note of small expenses, such as the bakery. At the end of the month, analyze the diary to find out where the money is leaking.

2) accepted that choices have to be made
When the situation tightens, the family has to understand that we must choose between programs and purchases. For example: you go to musical, or buy that megapista of stands.

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3) enjoy free programs
Inform yourself in the newspapers and Web sites of your city. A good suggestion is to change the screen by a picnic in a public park. Vale also plan an afternoon of games at home with colleagues of your son.

4) make a shopping list
Before you go to the supermarket, make a note of what’s missing in the pantry. So you don’t get lost between the temptations of shelves. Plan weekly purchases also avoids exaggeration (common when you get a long period without going shopping).

5) don’t play out food
With beans, make soup; with rice, roast beef or what’s left of bacalhoada, prepare dumplings. The fruit too ripe saw jams, jellies and cake fillings.

6) Combine partnerships at the supermarket
When you prepare a shopping list, call your child and explain that he will be responsible for the soaps, for example (avoid snacks and sweets). To feel responsible, he will not ask for cookie or make scandal the halls.

7) negotiate with your child
Talk with your child and explain that she may choose only one product in the supermarket. Can be a chocolate, a bag of cookies or a treat. But it’s just one, without discussion.

8) Meet the own brands
The supermarket chains have own brand products which are up to 60% cheaper than the others. You can trust: the manufacturer, it is often the same of the most famous – and expensive products.

9) Calculate promotions
Stay attentive to the promotion “take 3 pay 2” and products in larger packages. Have a calculator handy to check if it’s worth it.

10) Enjoy fairs and sacolões
Another tip worth forever: fruits, vegetables tend to be cheaper and cooler at the fairs and neighborhood sacolões than in supermarkets.

11) watch the shelves
Before choosing a product, take a good look at the entire section. Those who are in the line of the eyes tend to be more expensive. So, be sure to lower or stay on his toes to check other prices.

12) exchanges
Combine with the parents of school friends and promote exchanges of toys and children’s books in good condition. Is a simple way to save and renovate the games.

13) beware of the overdraft and loan easy
Make use of these options is an emergency exit-and that should be avoided. But if it does, look for the Manager of your bank branch. Ask him to cancel the overdraft and negotiate a personal line of credit to be paid in up to 12 times.

14) Avoid travel to the places of fashion
Don’t go to the most famous, where everything is much more expensive, especially with children. If possible, travel outside the high season, which takes place between November and January and between June and August.

15) search for hostels with kitchens
Rather than stay in hotels that offer only breakfast, prefer a place with a kitchen. So, you prepare meals, instead of lunch and dinner in restaurants-and still prepares snacks for the morning and afternoon.

16) at once
If you fail to buy the gifts of friends from school at the last minute, will spend more. So, look for a unisex option, like a puzzle, books or wooden toys, and buy in large quantity to order discount. Or discover a toy settlement – small shops usually do at least twice during the year.

17) learn how to use credit card
Gather all the spending on only one invoice for easy viewing of the debts. Other valuable tips: negotiate the annuity, don’t pay the purchases and even pay the minimum portion. And schedule the payment for five days after receiving the salary – thus, if your pay late a few days, you won’t pay any interest.

18) invest in large sizes
When you don’t get weird, buy clothes a bit bigger for your son. This is one way of ensuring that they will use to ask for more time.

19) don’t pay by the label
Don’t fall into the trap of choosing expensive clothes for pregnant women,  because of the mark. Clothes have to be made with a comfortable fabric that it does not cause allergies. And they are beautiful, of course.

20) Beautiful, but without spending so much
Give to space more your visits to the Salon-that guy 3:00 pm 15 days? Also combine a good discount. Or, learn how to make that brush at home.

21) come on the subway?
Leave your car in the garage and take a tour with public transportation reduces the expenses (with fuel and parking, for example) and can become a joke.

22) Negotiate the tuition of the school
You owe a few months? Make a proposal to the school’s financial sector. For example: If you must R $1000, but can pay only $ $200 per month, propose this value and ask for exemption of interest. If the offer is accepted, save the value every month and, when put together a good amount, talk with the College. Don’t forget to ask for a discount if your children are enrolled in the same school. Remember that the greater the number of children, more arguments you have to decrease the value of the parcel.

23) arrange the fixed accounts
Try to negotiate a discount when subscription TV services, broadband internet and landline from just one company. Enjoy portability and analyze the best cell phone plan for your family.

24) and the children’s allowance?
When the budget squeeze is time to gather the family to talk to. Explain the situation to the children and ask for the collaboration of all. But do not cut money for the week or the month, only reduce the value.

25) house party
Give up the buffet and make your child’s birthday party at home can be a good thing. Search for games on the internet to entertain the kids, get help from relatives. Make the decor and the food and drink, you don’t need to go beyond sandwich, cake and soda.

26) Do, but do supporters
Broke to reveal the photos of the birthday? Record everything on a CD and, as soon as the budget breathe, reveal and assemble a beautiful album.

Sources: Celso Ricardo Salazar Valentine, Economist and author of the blog the Economist; Elizabete Stuck, home economics consultant; Cassia D’aquino, a specialist in financial education; Reinaldo Domingos, educator, therapist and author of Financial Therapy