20 Gift Ideas for Baby

Here’s the list of birth more useful and desired by expectant parents. Classic to modern accessories, 20 ideas to be discovered for the most popular baby gifts.

The cradle

Range from DIY, Ikea cribs, to Prenatal. Popular COTS Azur, the baby clicks and Stokke cribs convertible serving until you reach the couch “. Prices range from 150 € to 700-800 €.

The changing table

In this case, the range is wide. There are changing tables for all requirements of “convertibility” and price. Here you will find a full list with descriptions.

The set of sheets, bumper pads, quilt for cot

Useful jewelry sets from Cot and bed are a treat to give to any newborn. Make sure that the other “friends of birth list” don’t buy galore as, in General, are among the gifts chosen by all.

The trio: stroller, shuttle and egg

One of the most beloved but also more expensive there is definitely Stokke. Modular and interchangeable with each other, the stroller, the shuttle and the egg are required for all movements of the family with the baby on board.

The car seat (post Easter egg)

Since the little babies will soon be taken to the right and left by her parents, the need to have a car seat for your car (post weeble) is really imminent. That’s why, this object is very popular especially among new parents who don’t already have one.

The bouncer

From Chicco Giordani, electric, relaxation, rocking: there you are spoilt for choice. In this case you can spend even just with prices ranging from 60 € and more. If you shop online you can save enough but you have to think about it in time and calculate shipping times!

The monitor or microphones to hear/see the baby from one room to another

Object loved and hated by parents and pediatricians, this gift can be a must-have for some moms, but a useless accessory for others. Investigate before you purchase it.

The high chair for baby food

A classic gift to newborn, certainly helpful and loved by parents. You have to be careful that the recipient does not have one already! The most popular are the brief and the bean. Their prices vary from 70 € to 170 €. There are highchairs adjustable ergonomic, or constructed with natural materials. In any case, the important thing is to make sure they are in compliance with the law and to mark EEC.

The cot (for any second homes or grandparents)

Very useful for couples who go on vacation outdoors!

The scale

… Because, as you know, the baby should be weighed every week!

The electronic thermometer

Useful object to which a mom and a dad might not have thought in anxiety of expectation and the preparations.

The baby carrier

True object of worship of modern moms, this carrier is an accessory, really useful. Besides being a chic accessory, the baby carrier and baby range, are becoming almost a contemporary look mom.

Cot mobile with music box

The mobile is an object of all time. Any design manufacturers of new and interesting to discover.

A supply diapers

Excellent gift to be taken into consideration in order to ease the life of mom and Dad in the first year of life. This article does not make a mistake definitely present.

Finally, there are:

  1. The Walker
  2. The set of bibs
  3. The melamine set
  4. Aerosol for children
  5. The sterilizer
  6. The kit products for bath time