10 Tips on Breastfeeding

Expert Reveals The Procedures To Be Followed In Breastfeeding

One of the most symbolic moments of motherhood is breastfeeding-in addition, of course, essential for the healthy development of small. However, for those who are this “maiden voyage”, the procedure can seem scary.

There are some techniques that can facilitate the accommodation of the baby for breastfeeding in the chest. The gynecologist and obstetrician Dr. Domingos Mantelli Borges Son teaches 10 tips for the time of breastfeeding:

-In the early days, the baby should breastfeed every time I cry. In time he even hit the schedule of feedings. You just need to be patient.

-Look for a seat in the house: a sofa or chair that you can pull over your back.

-Wash your hands thoroughly before each feeding.

-Do not use alcohol, water morning or any other product to clean the breasts, because they do not need to be cleaned between feedings.

-Before putting the baby at the breast, make sure the nipple is soft and flexible. If so, start breast-feeding. If not, remove a little milk until soft. Apply pressure with the thumb and forefinger on the areolar region. You will notice that the milk will leave without much effort. If you want to keep, put in a clean glass, then store in the refrigerator. The milk must be heated in a water bath only and should not be boiled. Do not give a bottle to the baby. If you need to, take in coffee spoons.

-Give both breasts during feedings, empty one, then take the other.

-To remove the baby from the breast, place your finger in the corner of the baby’s mouth and tighten lightly. He gets free.

-Place the baby on your shoulder to burp.

-After the baby burp, throw him on his side or on your stomach, so you avoid that he has reflux.

-Use appropriate breastfeeding, cotton. It should be tight and with short handles to support the breasts. You should use it up to sleep while you are breastfeeding. When you wash it, remove all the soap so you don’t give allergy in the baby. Here are models of cotton breastfeeding bras for you to choose from: WHOLESALEABLY.COM.