10 Things to Think about Before Being a Mother

Making a decision to be a mother is a step in the life of a woman.However, such a time requires a thorough preparation for both the body and the mind.

Check out 10 important things that should be checked before changing your life forever:

1 – Beware of weight

Whether it be for excess or lack of it, the woman should worry about the balance at the time of having a child.This is because the baby may develop some birth problems because of this, such as diabetes.

2 – Quit smoking or do not expose yourself to tobacco

In the case of women smokers, it is worth leaving the addiction even before getting pregnant.Some of the smoke and tobacco substances are stored in body fat and are not eliminated overnight.As for smoking during pregnancy, needless to say it is completely forbidden, is not it ?!

3 – Reduce stress

Stress during pregnancy is very bad for the expectant mother and baby, bringing up a higher incidence of mental and behavioral problems for the child.So before you even get pregnant, try to relax and reflect on stressful situations.See what you can eliminate in your life so that it is more peaceful and happy.

4 – Avoid alcoholic beverages

Alcohol can be in the body for up to a month, before being completely eliminated by the body.Therefore, before you become a mother, reduce the amount of alcoholic beverages and eliminate them from your diet during pregnancy. And you can get more from Gradphysics.com,

5 – Discover your blood group

Sometimes your blood group may not be compatible with the baby’s and this can lead to anemia or HR disease, which happens exactly because of this incompatibility.These problems can be solved easily during gestation, so it is good to have prior knowledge.

6 – Take prenatal vitamins, calcium and folic acid.

At least two months before conception, start taking vitamins, calcium and folic acid.They avoid several possible genetic problems.

7 – Check your immunity to chickenpox and rubella

Through a simple blood test, you already know if you are at risk of contracting these diseases during pregnancy.They can cause serious problems for the baby and should therefore be avoided.

8 – Talk to your doctor about your continued use medications

Some types of remedies can not be taken during pregnancy, such as antidepressants.It is worth a prior conversation to know what will change in your routine.

9 – Take the HIV test

It is very important to know this before having a child.In cases of HIV-positive mothers, with the administration of special drugs, there is a chance that the virus will not be transmitted to the baby.

10 – Know well the historical families of diseases or genetic problems

It is very important to know the diseases of both your family and the family of the future father before having a child.So you can know if the baby will have a pre-arrangement for some of them and can start treatment early.