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The Christmas has passed, there are now 4 days for 2011 and I decided not to do the good old Fashion Retrospective why were hundreds of trendsfashion icons, must have it would be almost impossible to separate the best! Because, I think when it comes to fashion, all the trends are complementary.

But also could not stop talking about the Top 10 Best Dressed 2010 of Nylon Magazine! The ranking appears every year and quite liked the choices, come on!

The darling of Harry Potter grew up and proved to everyone that it’s not just of Hermione (aka Hogwarts uniforms) to live! Dared to cut their hair, is the face of Burberry and left in many fashion magazines, first place more than deserved!

After winning a bag with your name, the PS1- Proenza Schouler, all the celebs they bet, sure, she would have to appear in this ranking! With your unusual visual, VJ and fashionista even risked your own clothing line, inspired by your style for Madewell. The coolest thing is that it’s easy to copy the looks street style!

One of the great muses of 2010 was Blake Lively who charmed us in every way: started the year pushing the piriguetismo, bandage dresses with slits and necklines, but after your fashionista vein became more intense – played with skirts of sequins and camisas, launched the fashion of braids on red carpets and even turned darling of Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld in the Fashion Week.

Our forever, Summer Roberts not to surprise too! Despite not appearing in the canvases, is in every party and premiéres. Always lush and cool, she was named columnist of the InStyle and is already using the Byzantine-inspired collection of Chanel, a luxury!

In Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf can be the number 1 in matter of style in good taste and revenge using headbands and haute couture, but in real life, Leighton won the 5th place ranking. After all, only she and Madonna hold a catwalk look Louis Vuitton!

Carey Mulligan, actress nominated to the Oscair, is always sweet, with a hint of vintage and very lady like. The rock star, Alison Mosshart is the perfect example of femme fatale, mixing the rocker with animal print trends and street style!

Already Mary-Kate is hors concours, because we love with your charm and style from the tv show “3Três is awesome”–already wore clogs at the beginning of the trend and always mastered the art of effortless chic.

Zooey is adept at leaving any vintage look cool and modern, is a cute, too bad it doesn’t show up much in the spotlight! Natalie Portman already had major premieres this year, appeared at the Venice Film Festival and was protagonist in Black Swan. And now in January 2011, is already on the cover of Vogue-starting the year with much pomp.

To me, missing girls as Camilla Belle and Olivia Palermo, because were style icons in 2010, but in General, I think the ranking told much about evolution fashionista of the girls!

Found fair? What is you favorite?


Photos: Reproduction

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