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The Importance of Prenatal Care

The Importance of Prenatal Care

Medical Care During Pregnancy Is Essential For A Safe Pregnancy In large cities access to health centers is easier, but the interior of Brazil many pregnant women are unaware of the importance of prenatal care. But this reality is changing: data of the Ministry of health show that the number of queries has been growing apace. Just in 2010 there was one of 125%, reaching almost 20 million. Themain tests performed are those of blood, stool, urine, ultrasound and glucose tolerance. According to…
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Are You Thinking Of Becoming Pregnant?

Are You Thinking Of Becoming Pregnant

Learn What You Must (Even) Do Before You Conceive A Baby Stop taking the pill or using anticoncecionais methods is far from the only action that should be taken if you are thinking about becoming pregnant. Before suspending the contraceção, take some advice. See your doctor! In this query, will be prescribed tests and determined his background in terms of health.